Ministries + Programs

Our congregation participates in the SCRIP program. This program offers our congregation the opportunity to purchase gift certificates to be used at various stores with a percentage coming back to the church. It has been decided that one-fourth of these profits will be used for Missions and the rest for our general budget.


From pre-school through 5th grade our Children’s Sunday School (J.A.M.) meets each week at 8:45-9:30 a.m. The children are dismissed from the 8:30am service after the Children’s Moment. There is Scripture based music, a lesson, and hands-on craft every week. Special events for the children take place through the year,keep an eye out for new and exciting things. If interested in learning more please contact Katie Taughinbaugh.


Our Middle School youth program and the Confirmation Class are combined. This is a 3 year process (6-8 grades) and combines social/ethical development along with the Confirmation curriculum that prepares the youth to make their commitment to the Christian faith and become full members of the United Methodist Church. This class meets each Sunday from 9:30-10:30 with Lance Onan and Pastor Scott.

The Senior High class meets from 9:30-10:30 on Sunday mornings led by Katie Taughinbaugh. This is a very active group with numerous events throughout the month in addition to the Sunday Class. Sherrill Knezel is our Youth Ministries Lay Leader. Click for more information.


Our programs for adults include Bible Study groups, Men’s Fellowship, Women’s Group, Music , as well as programs directed specifically for young adults and the young at heart.¬†Every Sunday between services, an adult class meets to study and discuss¬†various subjects selected by the members of the group.

Women’s Discipleship Covenant Group

The members of the Women’s Discipleship Covenant Group come together weekly to share their spiritual journeys with one another and to encourage each other in faith. They strive to reach out to others through prayer, support, and service. They also strive to grow in understanding through Bible reading, group book study, and discussion.


Bible Group

Our weekly Bible Class meets every Wednesday at 10:00 am in Olish Hall to learn more about our Bible. They have covered 17 books thus far and are currently studying the book of Luke. Everyone is welcome.


Family Ministries provides opportunities for families of all sizes and shapes to send time together doing enjoyable and meaningful activities as well as programs to strengthen the family relationships.


We believe in giving Christians an opportunity to live their faith through their prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.The Stewardship Core group seeks to provide a variety of activities and information on stewardship programs. For more information about our Stewardship Ministries, click here.